All of God's children are welcome here, regardless of marital status, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, political opinions, nationality, ethnicity age or abilities. We want you to know, you belong here!

Our Mission

St. Andrew’s has worshiped, ministered and served together for nearly 30 years.  We have been a congregation where people have found fulfillment in their lives by forming deep relationships with God and each other. Our mission at St. Andrew’s is our God-given purpose, the reason we exist, and we stand firm in embracing that purpose:

Our mission is to Share the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Because of our rock-solid, 27-year commitment to that God-given mission, we believe that God has opened our eyes to a new 5-year vision for our church.  We praise God for his provision in our previous three-year vision to become debt-free, and now with God’s help and your faithfulness we are ready for the next step in our journey. 

Our Five-Year Vision

We believe that God is calling us to reach out to our spiritually searching neighbors, 60% of whom don’t have a church home, and invite them to find fulfillment on their journey through life.  We believe that the fulfillment people are seeking can be found by becoming followers of Jesus.  We believe this takes place when we choose to love God, know Jesus and serve others.  

All this comes together in a new 5-year vision for our congregation:

"God is calling us to create a community where spiritually seeking individuals find fulfillment through loving God, knowing Jesus and serving our community.”

That’s God’s vision for us! Now just imagine what it will look like five years from now as we stay true to our founding mission and walk forward in faith toward our new vision.

Love God

  • A community of 1,500 adults, youth and children gathering each weekend for life-changing worship. 
  • 300 children worshiping in age-specific learning environments during all three of our worship services.

Know Jesus

  • Over half of our faith community connecting in a small group where we deepen relationships with each other and grow into fully devoted followers of Jesus.

Serve Our Community

  • 1,000 members of our church family living like Jesus by serving others in our community and around the world.

God has great things in store for St. Andrew’s as we remain firm in our historic mission and fully embrace God’s new vision of inviting our spiritually seeking neighbors to find fulfillment and become followers of Jesus through loving God, knowing Jesus and serving our community.  Just imagine!

Our History

Founded in November 1991, St. Andrew’s began as a small group of people meeting in a West Omaha home to talk about forming a new United Methodist congregation. A month later, 240 people attended the first St. Andrew’s Christmas Eve service at Millard North High School. Today, we are 1,750 members and growing.