Active Ongoing Groups


Active Ongoing Groups

Our Active Ongoing Small Groups are a great way to plug in with a group that meets on a regular basis.  These groups get together over a common interest and meet often for fellowship and to serve.  To connect with one of these groups you can show up to a gathering, or contact the leader of the group for more information.  

Men's Group

Men's Group meets regularly to grow in our faith through fellowship, friendship and study. Throughout the year we gather every other Thursday to discuss various faith-based topics. We have completed several Bible studies including many literature classics of Christianity. These serve as a basis for conversation but the conversation usually takes on a life of its own. The conversations and perspectives expressed lead to growth and reflection. One member said recently; “We do life together”. And we do. We’re there for each other, to support one another.
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Moms of Teens

While the elementary school years certainly bring parents struggles, the teen years in our digital fast-paced world of instant information can provide a whole new set of challenges.  This small group is a place for support and learning for Mom’s of Teens.  We will utilize parenting videos available from Right Now Media with discussion and support each other through prayer and exchange of thoughts and ideas.  We will strive to support our teens to live a faith filled life grounded in Christ’s love.  **Some meetings may just be a fun night out for some well needed fun and laughs!
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Women Inc.

Women InC (Women In Christ) is a group for women of all ages who have a love of Christ. The women of Women InC share their love of Christ through many activities at St. Andrew’s and in our community (ie: Autumn Fun Fair, Live Nativity, College Care Packages, Baptismal blankets, Prayer Shawls).  We meet twice a month for fellowship and to organize our activities or projects. 
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