Christi Leupold

Communications Coordinator

Christi Leupold is our Communications Coordinator. She ensures you know all the amazing opportunities, programing, and events we have at St. Andrew’s! From updating our social media channels to making sure weekly updates make it to your inbox, she does it all! Christi is married to Aaron and they are raising two school aged girls. Christi comes to St. Andrew’s with over a decade of marketing, social media, and communications experience. She is thrilled to be able to use these skills to further the mission and message of St. Andrew’s. Her face may look familiar to you as she also serves as a volunteer on our praise team – a talent she has consistently used to bring God praise since she was in high school. When not bringing a little bit of sass and humor to the church offices, you can find her hanging out with her kids, eating good food, and binging true crime documentaries.

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