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Relationship Goals Series 

Middle School is often the time when students start thinking about dating relationships. If it's not something they're personally interested in, it's likely they have friends who are talking about it. With all the messages being thrown around in our culture about romance and relationships, it's important that we have a solid understanding of what makes for a safe and healthy dating relationship. We explored this topic with our Relationship Goals lesson series in Spring 2021. Parents, feel free to use these parent guides if you are looking for ways to talk to your students about relationships!

Parent Guide - Week 1

Parent Guide - Week 2

Parent Guide - Week 3

Parent Guide - Week 4

Parent Guide - Week 5

Relationship Spectrum Guide

Amaze is a great tool for parents and their kids. Amaze has great videos on a variety of topics such as puberty, sexual orientation, healthy relationships, reproduction, and more. If you are a parent looking for age-appropriate, informative, and entertaining resources to help talk to your kids about these important topics, check out this resource. You can read more about the organization and check out their videos at