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Ready to pledge?

You may have noticed recent improvements to our facilities, including a refurbished Rotunda, that were made possible by your generosity and a generous gift from one of our members. And, to continue making such necessary improvements to our facilities, we need your help.

Renovations to our fellowship area, the FLC restrooms and older parts of the building will create more functional space, which will allow for more small group meetings and activities, fostering an even greater sense of community among the congregation of St. Andrew’s.

The past year has brought financial hardships upon many, so your continued support of our mission means more to us than we could ever express. We understand that not everyone may have the means to give, but we graciously ask you to help us reach our fundraising goal that will benefit every member of our church community.

Please consider helping us reach our goal. Thank you for your support and dedication to the mission of St. Andrew’s.


Raise $200,000 to replenish the building maintenance fund and complete necessary renovations and remodels.

Benefits of the Campaign

Updating the fellowship area will allow for larger groups to meet more frequently during the week and serve as a hub for Sunday morning coffee and donuts.

Remodeling the Family Life Center restrooms will provide updated resources for external community groups to utilize our space and help us grow our congregation.

Renovating the spaces in the old building will provide a necessary facelift for the church, encouraging new visitors to join our community.

Ways to Give

Mail your gift to St. Andrew's United Methodist Church || 15050 WEST MAPLE ROAD OMAHA, NE 68116

Drop off a check

Text PICTURETHIS to 402.909.0079 to make a gift